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Who we are?

Have you seen the title of this article? 150 years old have passed away when they started promising us the European federal state to be created, such as in the US and Switzerland (or Canada and Australia). But we keep pretending to be Julius Cesar (Berlusconi), Napoleon (Mme Le Pen), Bismarck (Schauble) and and … Margaret Thatcher (or Theresa May?).

Several decades ago, almost the other day, Willian Penn, subject of His Britannic Majesty, in 1695, had a great dream: England had to propose a European Parliament to govern all over Europe; then he went to Philadelphia and founded Pennsylvania …

Luckly, Charles Lemonnier, in 1872, wrote the book “Les Etats Unis d’Europe” and published a magazine with the same name (the same title of our website). He was French, named Charles, but not De Gaulle … Yes, because he preferred Immanuel, the German who knew it better than everybody, the man who called for perpetual peace … Kant in short!

Watch out! Because in Geneva, 1867, at the Congress of Peace, Charles also invited Giuseppe, one of the PIGSs, Garibaldi, who believed in the United States of Europe too. Indeed Lemonnier made him preside over Congress!

Talking about us, we were fascinated by Altiero Spinelli, “Crocodile” commander, who named the Spinelli Group. Is this reminding you of Batiment Spinelli in Brussels, home of the European Parliament? Probably yes, you will remmber the vacationer of the Manifesto, overthere to the confinement in Ventotene island. Great!

All right boys, but the concept of “United States of Europe” is not invented by him, our Altiero. Not even by Robert Schuman, famous for his Declaration. That’s a long while it is on the political agenda in Europe! But no one has the courage to enact that, so to get rid of all these poor people who claimed for it all over their lives: Abbé de Saint-Pierre, John Seeley, Victor Hugo (“One day will come”), Amand Goegg, Giuseppe Mazzini, WT Stead, Aristide Briand, Lord Lothian, PanEuropa Hospitable Count with Japanese Mom (N. Coudenhove Kalergi), Jean Monnet, Paul-Henri Spaak … to Helmut Kohl and so on.

Well, our website will be close to those people. Let’s move for the United States of Europe! Could it be, we are sure indeed – is it true Donald? Do you agree Vladimir? – that they are convenient for us, nowadays Europeans. We are calling for United States of Europe with facts, concrete proposals, allegations on what it does not work, the participation of young people, federal institutions in full dress order and goals of progress that will be beneficial to us (Descendants from the girl kidnapped by the bull) and to the people all over the world.

Good reading to all of you! Maybe give us some feedback …

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